Diivoo WiFi Smart Garden with 15 Pods

  • by Herny Zhang
Diivoo WiFi Smart Garden with 15 Pods

How to Connect Diivoo WiFi Hydroponics Growing System ?

Step 1: Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi, go to the Smart Life app and log in.

Step 2: Press and hold the panel "Set up" button for 3 seconds, the device will make a long sound and come to "scan mode" for network, the indicator line will flash for 3 mins.

Step 3: Then Smart Life will show "Devices to be added".

Step 4: Click "Go to Add", enter the WiFi password and click "next" to complete connection.



Smart Garden

The wifi connectivity enables remote control on the Smart Life app. You can control the lighting time of the hydroponic indoor garden at any time. And when there is a water shortage, the phone will receive the "low water level" alarm message pushed by the hydroponics.


Automatic Working Cycle

The default working mode of smart indoor herb garden is 16 h on/8h off. In order to promote vegetables' growth, you can set the different growing time for plants manually on the app which allows you to accelebre the process of enjoying your bumper harvest.


LED Grow Light

The light is beneficial to plants growing indoor without weather limits. Vegetables mode and Fruit mode, it is convenient for your family to plant health and green vegetables or fruits.


Installation Steps



Q1: Why the light panel can not be turned on?

A1: Push or re-insert the rod down into the bottom until you hear a "Beep" sound, and then press the "POWER" button, the light will be on.

Q2: Does the smart hydroponics growing system consume much power?

A2: The hydroponics garden works 16 hours a day. So it’s about 4-5 days for one kilowatt-hour.

Q3: Can sponges or planting pods be reused?

A4: It's single-use if pull out the stem of a plant, but we don't recommend doing so as it's not as good as the first usage.



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