Diivoo is founded in 2019. We are a technology company based in Zhuhai, China, born of the belife that gardening should be easier, our efforts in providing smart planting solution prove that. We have the confidence to envision a gardening life where anyone can easily enjoy.

Core Value

Diivoo provides smart solution for planting and tending for users all around the world, to improve their sense of achievement and accomplishment while enjoying a happy gardening life.

  • Ingenuity
  • Ingenious planting products, professional tending guidance.

    A Company full of creativity, dedicated to help you progress, from beginners to professional gardeners.

  • Rapport  
  • We are an user-centred, empathic company, providing user-friendly solutions and rapport services.

    Interesting and nice, from R&D, sales to after-sales, all connected closely to our users to form a closed-loop, aiming for the extreme customer experience.

  • Wise
  • Rigorously solving customer needs with accuracy and perfection.

    Customer relation

    Like teacher like friends, we want to be the smart gardening solution brand that users’ love and trust.

    As a cutting-edge smart gardening brand, Diivoo is bold and visionary, we effort in becoming the international brand that users love and trust.

    Our Mission

    Extreme craftsmanship, allowing user to enjoy a happy lifestyle in smart gardening.

    Our Vision

    Becoming the international gardening brand you love and trust.

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